Discovery Channel Show Starring Kevin Spacey Casting Now!

Casting directors are looking for actors, models, and talent to work on a new Kevin Spacey series called, Manifesto. Filming will take place in Atlanta between January 30th and April 12th, 2018. If you are looking to take your acting career to the next level, this is the job for you!


Kevin Spacey’s new series will center around the FBI’s high profile case in taking down infamous criminal, Ted Kaczynski, better known as the “Unabomber”.  He is a domestic terrorist and mathematical prodigy that engaged in a nationwide bombing campaign against people involved with modern technology.  He also planted homemade bombs in mailboxes killing a total of three people.  The series will star Kevin Spacey as the lead FBI agent on the case.  Spacey is familiar with this type of role playing the aggressive government official, Frank Underwood, in Netflix’s House of Cards.


LINDA – Mid 40s, Caucasian

JUDGE GARLAND – Mid to late 40s, African American, thoughtful and in control, unwavering and decisive

STEVE FRECCERO – Mid to late 30s, Caucasian, he is one of the prosecuting attorneys on the Unabomber case.

SUSAN MOSSER – 40s, Caucasian, mother of three young daughters

GARY WRIGHT – 40s, Caucasian, genial and gentle, he is the eleventh victim of the Unabomber

DAVID – 40, Caucasian, is a professor of Computer Science at Yale and another of Ted Kaczynski’s victims, who lost an eye and the use of his right hand. At the trial, he speaks out passionately about the evil done to him. 1 long speech, 1 scene.

THE CLERK – Court Clerk at the case of The United States versus Theodore J. Kaczynski. 2 lines, 2 scenes.

You can only control how well you personally do, so don’t focus on anyone but yourself.  When you enter the audition, be courteous, friendly, and confident. Make eye contact with the people you are auditioning for and be yourself.  Once your audition is done, thank the casting people for their time. Keep in mind that they are going to have to reject a lot of people that day, so if you are rejected try not to take it personally.

This is a great opportunity to act in a featured show with a big budget.  You will meet industry professionals that know what it takes to be successful.  You might even make a great impression on a director or fellow actor and find yourself landing another job after this one


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