Feature Film Casting Moms and Children for New Scene

Casting directors need males with beards and women with long hair to work on a new movie starring Kristen Stewart.  Filming will be in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia sometime in mid November.  The pay rate is $115 per day for about 10 – 12 hours a day.


The movie is called, Lizzie Borden, and it will star Twilight superstar Kristen Stewart.  It is a psychological thriller about the Borden family murders and trial that happened in the late 1800’s.  Lizzie Borden gained infamy in being tried and acquitted for the 1892 axe murders of her father and mother in Massachusetts.  The movie will focus mostly on the trial, but it will feature several flashbacks explaining the story.  Kristen Stewart will play Lizzie.


This upcoming feature film is looking to fill extra roles and speaking roles.  As an extra, you will appear in certain scenes from afar.  For speaking roles, you will have minimal lines, but they are important to the overall quality and realism of the movie.  Here are the roles:

2) BABY LIZZIE – 2-4 YEARS OLD (see photo in comments). When submitting send a CURRENT photo of your child with age, height, weight. This is a black and white photo. Looking for Dark hair and light color eyes.

3) MOM BORDEN –  Dark hair, light eyes. Round Face.

This is a great opportunity to appear in a feature film with a star actress.  Some of these roles have the potential to directly work with Kristen Stewart and other famous cast members.  This is a chance to act in a movie that will make a splash at the box office, and make money while doing so!

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