Jason Bateman Movie Casting in Atlanta

Game Night starring Jason Bateman is now casting actors and talent in Atlanta, Georgia. Producers are looking for men ages 28 to 32 years old to work on important scenes in the movie.  They specifically need men to play three or four serial killers in a TV show that the characters watch in the beginning of the movie!


Jason Bateman has been in the entertainment industry since he played James Cooper Ingalls in the 1980 show Little House on the Prairie.  One of his most memorable roles started in 2003 when Bateman played Michael Bluth in the hilarious show Arrested Development.  Since then, Bateman focused more on serious roles and producing.  He is currently starring in, directing, producing, and filming a new Netflix series titled Ozark that is set to premiere later this year.

The film is about a group of friends that meet regularly for game nights.  On one seemingly normal night, all changes when they find themselves trying to solve a murder mystery in real life.  What was once a friendly game night quickly shifts to a deadly hunt for the killer of one of their friends.


Where: Atlanta, Georgia

When: April 6th

This is a tremendous opportunity to appear in a feature film with two of the industry’s most successful modern actors.  Not only will you be paid, you will gain even more valuable exposure in a competitive industry.  Acting as an extra in a top tier film will open many new doors for you.

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