Modeling Opportunity With Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine Modeling Opportunity
Looking for Glamour Magazine Models
Glamour Magazine Modeling Opportunity
Looking for Glamour Magazine Models

Glamour Magazine is providing another modeling opportunity for their magazine for models. Since we can all remember there were always particular magazines we could spot at the drug store, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Fitness, Time, and the well-known women’s magazine published by Conde Nast Publications by the name of GLAMOUR. The magazine was headlined in 1939 only in the US by the name of Glamour of Hollywood. It was launched as GLAMOUR not until years later, in numerous countries including France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Covers were concealed with A-List celebrities including movie stars and models, to even popular fashion figures. Each fall the magazine organizes a “Glamour Woman of the Year Awards” and distinguishes females in the public eye. They address not only celebrities in the spotlight who have done great things for women, but also political figures and humanitarians who usually don’t receive that type of recognition.

Last year GLAMOUR announced its top Awards. Woman of the Year was granted to Jennifer Lopez, while Woman of Tomorrow was left for Jessie J. During the process of putting together the magazine every month, editors and creators look for the perfect editorial models to feature in their advertisements and brand marketing. Besides the candid interviews and positive female advice tips and columns, the magazine also provides models to be featured in their editorial advertisements. They are constantly looking for new faces and upcoming models that may just be starting out in the industry and can provide a fresh look for their ads.

Recently the GLAMOUR casting department has distributed various casting calls for their Spring and Summer issues for editorial models. They are looking for models of all ethnicity and over the age of 18 for their fashion spreads. They are not looking for a particular height or weight for this opportunity. Natural beauty and having some type of moving story to back up your look is GLAMOUR magazine’s main focus for their marketing plan. If you are interested in setting yourself up with a GLAMOURous shoot with the magazine make sure to submit a recent photo and application soon.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hy Sir respect to all of you
    i am 21 year old
    good & hot looking

    I am from India
    hight 5ft 8inch
    i want to become a best model

  2. People have always told me that I was beautiful and made for modeling, but at first, it wasn’t something that I wanted to do. Overtime, I began to notice how the media tries to play down models of darker skin, cursing our essence and beauty. It was only recently that I decided to not take on modeling to provide for myself and the people I care about, but to also set the record straight and remind people of how beautiful black is. I am East-Sudanese and am proud of the skin I’m in, and I want to world to know that!

  3. Hello! I have been trying for years to become a model and just happened to come across this post! So why not apply to be a model for one of my favorite magazines?! This would be amazing if you chose me to work with! If not I totally understand! The worst you can say is no right? I just recently moved to the Chicago suburbs and trying to make it into modeling. My friends and family have told me all my life I should be a model and I would love to pursue that dream! Hopefully my dreams can become reality for once. Cliche I know. Well thanks for taking the time to read this! Also I’ve done one modeling gig and that was for a friend’s mom who had made handmade jewelry and needed it posted on her page.

  4. Young Cleveland, Ohio Girl growing up in a family of models and boutique owners deep down there was my passion, for Modeling, fashion and beauty I am in love with it all. As a young teen I was in Face Models and when I graduated high school in 2010 I went to WSU to get into the medical field. I know I had to have the income to match my needs and wants, to match this lifestyle that I had pictured for myself and I thought what better way than becoming an OBGYN. During that time at WSU, modeling came back into my life, I joined the FAME Models and became one of the top female models to have ever joined the group. Going to casting calls, being on set, just the whole lifestyle of being a model gave me so much joy. I landed my major gig and had no support from my family so I didn’t return to WSU the following year. I am now 23 and living in Los Angeles, I feel like this is my Second change to truly follow my passion and my joy. I AM here and I AM Ready!

    Weight: 123 lbs
    Age: 23
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnic: African American

  5. Hi, I am 19 years old. I don’t have any modeling experience excluding my sister photographing me for her art classes. I don’t have a special story as to why I want to be a model. I was told I couldn’t be a model when I was 10 and I have spent 9 years making sure I could. I want to be a model to prove that the old saying ” You can do anything you put your mind to” is true . Modeling has been my dream career. I am currently in college to be a neurosurgeon, because many people I love have had brain surgeries and complications that arose from them. I want to help others. I should be chosen because I love animals and making new friends. I work well with others and I know how to lead or follow. I am 6’4″. I have blue eyes and hair to my waist.

    • Hi, I am 15 years old. I have little experience in the modeling field. I have recently done hair modeling for Goldwell. I have always wanted to become a model, I want to be a model that people say” hey I look like her.” In my eyes I don’t think models need to be a size 0, they can be anysize because not everyone can be a size 0 even if they try their hardest and do all the right things, its just not how our bodies work. I work great with others, I should be chosen because i love making new friends, hearing peoples great ideas, and listening to peoples advice so I can be better. I am 5’9” and a size 6/8. I have brown eyes and hair to my waist.

  6. My drive to succeed exceeds all others. I am willing to take precautions that will cause me to set apart from the rest. My experience with the modeling world is not broad, but my work ethic and coachable personality sets me apart from the rest. Taking photos and making statements with other people’s art to their full intent, gives me light inside, coming all the way from a dark place. My experience as an athlete pulls me over the top as a team player. When I work, I work as close to greatness as I can. I work to be the best. It is also important to make the company’s full vision to be as vivid as possible. Grasping the viewers emotion is the goal of mine. I am 18 and dying to get started with my career as a model.

  7. I am wanting to get myself out to the public eye. At age 35 with one child I have become very confident with myself and would love to share with the world. I am very motivated and have a personality out of this world which makes me very likeable. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you for your time!

  8. I am 15 years old and have been in the modeling business for more than 2 years. I went to school for modeling and also did acting classes in NYC. I have been trying to get modeling jobs but haven’t had much luck. I love to model. I love walking the runway as well and I extremely love getting my pictures taken. I am 5’3″. Long Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, 95 lbs. I have full support from my family which is a huge plus. I have been in a Disney commercial as background but I would love one day to see my picture in magazines.

  9. My name is Kayla, I would love to be given an opportunity to work with your company model glamor if given the chance, it would be a great start to the many goals I want to accomplish.

  10. Hi~ My name is Diamond Ross, I am 19 years old, and have just recently moved to FLORIDA! Just a little about myself, I am a Film Student, A Crew Member a Trader Joe’s (Which I LOVE), and am planning on moving into my very own apartment (with a roommate!) this summer! Very exciting times right now. Why would I love to be considered? Simply said, I am an ambitious person! I strive to be as outgoing and versatile as possible. I plan to seize every opportunity that is set before me and achieve as many goals as possible. One goal of mine was to graduate high school. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA. I wanted to go into a field that would keep me interested, I discovered film school! And I have always wanted to model. I have taken pictures for local photographers, but I have never been able to try something bigger and I would love more than anything to do so!

  11. I am motivated and believe I will contribute to the beauty in the industry, Glamour Magazine 2015.

  12. I am reletively new to the modeling scene and I’m looking to gain experience, and exposure in a positive and fun way. I love new things and I like to gain knowledge in anyway I can. I am great at following directions and I believe I have a personality and story the world would be happily shocked and amazed to see.

  13. My name is Erika
    I’m very interested in the magazine in general
    I would love to be able to model for glamour! I think it would be an amazing opportunity

  14. 5’6
    42 years old
    African American
    Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Current location: Dallas Fort Worth, TX

    *************My Work**************
    Brass Hanger

    Bust Size: 38B
    Dress Size: 16
    Shoe Size: 9


    I worked for the same clothing store modeling their brand of clothes for four years, I am dedicated, team player, driven, motivated, Very Professional, People person, Charismatic and very anxious to get my career started again. I am also able to travel if I am needed outside my state

  15. Hello my name is Adena, and I would love to be in your magazine. I hardly wear make-up I look good without it, but I also look transformed with it. This was asking to have a moving story behind me Well I have one if you’re willing to listen I am willing to tell. I have done a couple of runway shows and I was an extra in I am Wrath.
    I am 5″7 and 24 years old
    I am an average healthy weight of 130, but with curves
    If interested please email me for more details

  16. Hi
    My name is Reitha
    This is a great opportunity for me. I am very photogenic, and I have the look you been waiting for. I did one fashion show when I was younger, but even now I still have the passion for modeling. Thank you.

  17. Hi I’m Emily and I am 16 years old from Essex. I have just started modelling but am very confident in front of the camera and love being photographed. My dream is to just be able to see my work somewhere and especially Glamour magazine would be such an honour, and be the start of my career. I adore all things to do with fashion and the media industry and find it so interesting so to be part of something like this would make my dreams come true. I hope you consider me, an opportunity like this would be life changing and I would give it my all. Thank you

  18. Hi! My name is Ora Wagner and first of all, I would like to mention that I sent my application off earlier today before I left for work not realizing until now that I was supposed to leave a comment. I apologize for that. I think that I should be considered to be a model for Glamour Magazine because I’m 49 years old and I’ve modeled for one of the largest natural hair shows in the country from 2012-2013 as a Fab Over 40 Model. You can check me out on my Model Page on Facebook and you will see three videos of myself walking down a 30 foot runway for the Nzuri Festival Natural Hair Health & Beauty Festival. My username on Facebook is Ora Wagner. Thanks for your time.

  19. I would love to be apart of a major magazine and to share my lifetime story. Its always great to be apart of greatness and given this opportunity I would love to inspire other models that lack ambition. Bring new audience to the magazine that can relate though the things I’ve experience in life..

  20. I am very interested in this! I have attended modeling/acting school and loved it! I have been told my prestigious people that I am very photogenic and am unique. I would be perfect for this! I can show that to you, just give me your response.

    Height: 5.5
    Weight: 125
    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: blue
    Beautiful skin

  21. I am a 22-year old, Native American woman,with drive & ambition. I just need one opportunity to leave you all impressed.

  22. Hey my name is Veronica aka Lady V and I have a caramel complexion with a natural beauty .I am very stylish at all times and I love changing my look.I am adaptable,hardworking,a team player and keep a good attitude.I pray you give me a chance because i will be a great attribute to your magazine.

  23. Hi, I’m Alex Rizk and this sounds like a wonderful modeling opportunity. I shadowed as an intern for a day at Glamour in NYC and met with Cindi Leivi. I have many interesting stories to tell, however, I think talking about how my day in the life of Glamour has positively influenced my dreams. I love video/television production and more. And since spending the day at Glamour, I have graduated college (May 2014/I’m 23) and now sporadically work on The Blacklist- the hit tv show as a production assistant and I continue to work on my dreams of having my own production company one day!

  24. Hi, I’m Monique Holmes and i would love if you would give me the opportunity to be apart of your project, I am 26 yrs old but look alot younger, I am very confident and i have a great personality. If you choose me, i promise you would not be disappointed

    • My name is Sophia Powell. I am from Jamaica and now live in Germany with my German husband. I speak a little German. In Jamaica I worked in a commercial for the Jamaican Red Stripe beer as an extra. I have also worked for various other brands (eg. Heineken beer) as Promoter and worked at parties as brand ambassador. As a catwalk model I have presented various international and Jamaican fashion designer, fancy hairstyles as a hair model. Last but not least: With a photo contest shots of me have been awarded with a silver and a bronze medal. I have also written a blog about my Life Experience in Germany entitled ” Jamaican girl in Germany”.
      I would be delighted if you like my profile

    • My name is Sophia Powell. I am from Jamaica and now live in Germany with my German husband. I speak a little German. In Jamaica I worked in a commercial for the Jamaican Red Stripe beer as an extra. I have also worked for various other brands (eg. Heineken beer) as Promoter and worked at parties as brand ambassador. As a catwalk model I have presented various international and Jamaican fashion designer, fancy hairstyles as a hair model. Last but not least: With a photo contest shots of me have been awarded with a silver and a bronze medal. I have also written a blog about my Life Experience in Germany entitled ” Jamaican girl in Germany”. I have always read the Glamour Magazine with all the Fashion, for me it would be a good experience to be apart of the magazine. I would love to send a few photos of myself. Please disregard my first comment.
      I would be delighted if you like my profile
      My email address is

  25. My name is Samantha Scalzitti, I was adopted when I was five and I took modeling classes but never did anything with it. I am in college now and am trying to get back into the business. I am a mix of many cultures, 5’2, 110 pounds, I like to be outside, hiking, swimming, archery. I am very determined and strong. I would love to be apart of Glamour magazine.

  26. Hi,

    My name is Tawanna Jackson. I am an up and coming model who is looking for work. I don’t have much modeling experience but I know you would love working with me. I am 29 but looks much younger, loyal, willing to work hard, I have a good personality, and love to have fun.

    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 130
    Measurements: 34,27,38
    Age: 29
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: Brown

    I would love to work with you guys. I know you would love me. Let’s make this history!!!

  27. I’m Kaitlyn. Im 18, 5’8. Mixed -African Amercian & Caucasian. I’m in a modeling & acting class With Barbizon USA! My goal is to model and act. I’m easy to work with, fun & will definitely work hard to achieve my goals! I would LOVE to work with you!

  28. Having an opportunity with Glamour Magazine would not only be an honor but an absolute dream come true. Modeling has always been a desire of mine with hopes to one day work in the industry. It has not worked out thus far but I continue to hope and believe for greatness to come my way. I think I should be a glamour model because I will present Glamour from a beauty and professional standpoint! I choose to believe that I too can do some modeling if given the right opportunity and given the right person on the other side reading my info. I hope to model for Glamour especially since it reads above that you are not looking for a particular height or weight because I would not be considered the typical model. Thanks you in advance

  29. I believe i have a face for an color an style nomatter what. I didnt say much but send me a email address an ill send pictures.

  30. Hello! My name is Mackenzie, I’m an 18 year old sophomore in college. I have been modeling for a few years now and love new opportunities. I have overcome many obstacles to get me where I am today, to be successful and to be confident.

    Height- 5’4
    Weight- 115 lbs
    Eye color- Hazel
    Hair color- Dark brown
    For other informantion or pictures, please feel free to contact me!

  31. Hello, i am a tall african man 6’4, and very goog looking, well in shape, i’d love to be selected and give my best for your items to be more visible with my personal touch and way of handling things. 2315278930

  32. My name is Adriana, I would love to be in glamour magazine. I’m 21 years old. 5’6 weigh 125. Very beautiful! I’m always told I should model because I have the looks and body. Please get back to me you will not be disappointed!

  33. Hello! My name is Alivia Jackson and I am from West Michigan. I am energetic and love trying new things. I am 18 years old, a student, and I have an enormous passion for modeling. I have been modeling since I was 12 and have learned a lot from my experiences. I also love fashion, hair, makeup, and being creative. Glamour Magazine has always been a part of my life and I feel that with my interests and love for modeling I could really represent the magazine. With my passion, dedication, and hard work I believe I could bring forth great talent. My dream for the future is to become a stylist for photo-shoots and magazines, putting outfits together, and doing hair and makeup. Modeling gives me the opportunity to display my passion for modeling but also to see stylists work with clients.
    Info about me:
    18 years old
    110 lbs slim build
    dark brown hair
    brown eyes

    Thank you!
    Above is my Facebook to check out modeling photos
    Portfolio and Resume upon request through email

  34. Coming in at 5″2′ I’m short for a model but with my four years experience I have done everything from runaway to print to promotional. I had a severe eating disorder after being in the business and took time off for treatment but now that I’m healthy again I would love to get back to it. Beiing in the business I have had every possible hair color and eye color and am more than willing to change them. I live in Texas and have done mostly small town local in state modeling but am ready to branch out so if this is a serious possibility I’m more than willing to pack up and move to where you needed to me to purse this opportunity. My Facebook is Kristen Danielle Garza Hale and I have tons of my modeling pictures posted my latest photoshoot is under the album com card photoshoot. Thank you so much for your time.

  35. hi, my name is crystal, I am interested in modeling for editorial/runway etc.i am very comfortable in front of the camera whether I am off or on camera.i look forward to pursuing my career as a model. height:5’6.weight 128lbs shoe size:9.

  36. Hi, My name is Trudy, I’v been told that i am a natural beauty thousand of times and i should give modeling a try my smile attract people also but i am 5.3″ so that kept me from trying its my dream to be a model for a magazine i would be very greatful if given this opportunity. Thank you.

  37. Hi, My name is Trudy, I’v been told that i am a natural beauty thousand of times and i should give modeling a try but i am 5.3″ so that kept me from trying its my dream to be a model for a magazine i would be very greatful if given this opportunity. Thank you.

  38. Hey my name is Sara and I’m 19 years old from New York. I wish that I could upload a photo of myself here, but basically I’m 5’3″ with long blond hair, blue eyes, 115 pounds and I usually fit into a small. I’ve been a model since age 2, but I recently took a break to attend college. However, I miss it too much and would love to model for your magazine!

  39. Hello Glamor Magazine, my name is Mai Ta. Im 5’2ft, petite asian girl who is passionate and humble about her dream to become a model since she was little. This will be a wonderful opportunity. Hope to glam up with you guys soon! Thank you & thanks for the opportunity!

  40. I am very motivated to exploring my skills and going out there to expose myself to finding better and new opportunities. I would love to become a model and be a new, fresh face for people to see! If interested in more information, please contact me: or 636-336-2238

  41. Ky’Yale Porter
    Age- 15
    Height- 6’1″
    Weight- 140
    Eyes- Brown
    Hair- Black/Short
    T- Shirt size- L
    Current Location- Watauga, Tx

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  43. I’ve done modeling with barbizon and have been looking for a way to further my modeling/acting I think this would be a great opportunity. I’m 5’4 and a half, hazel eyes, long curly brunette.

  44. Hello, my name is Emily Iannucci. I am an aspiring model/actress im 20 years old. I have taken modeling and acting classes at John Robert powers in tampa florida. I have a bubbly spirit and personality I am always friendly and love being around people. Im about 5’0 with hazel eyes and brown hair. My phone number is 8134120963. Thank you so much for considering me.

  45. Hello my name is Lola Faith. I’m 56 year old, 5’8″, 168lbs, an hour glass. I’m always interested in becoming a model earlier in life. Family, friends, coworker have told me that i will be good in modelling. Even though it was my passion for years but I have to put my passion aside and raised three successful sons. During those struggling years i had it in the back of mind that i am still going to follow my dream as a model no matter how long it takes. After researching to see if there is a chance to become a model after 50, I was so delighted to see that there is a chance for women of my age. I am a nurse by proffession. I love what I do but i am still missing that aspect of my life, wish is the passion to one day become a model. Even though i am 56 year old, I have been approached as a 40 plus year old woman. I took very good care of my self, soul and body. I remain optimistic. I am looking for the opportunity to become a model, follow my dream and my passion. I will be delighted to send my pictures and my physics measurement when requested. Thanks for reading.

  46. Hello My name is Athena I am 5’8″ 127 pounds great body. I have long I mean really long beautiful brown hair pass my butt. I love being in front of a camera I am a natural. I am great to work with and with my pass experience you don’t have to make much changes. Yes I do have tattoos and if the shoot don’t want tattoos it can be covered with tattoo goo which will cover it and you won’t know I have any. You can contact me at or leave a message at 850-426-9270 and I will return you call quick. I hope to hear from you soon and if you need more photos I will be glad to send more. Thank you and I hope to be working with you and bring people to the products with one look at my hair everyone will be buying it. I have everyone stop me and ask what shampoo and conditioner I use. I would love for my hair help you in this commercial.

  47. I’m a new face to modeling I’ve never been involved in any modeling agencies or any of that but it is my dream to be a model I have a few family members that are models and I really like how it works

  48. Hi my name is Daija Barnard and I am 13 years old, black african american 5’1 and wight 130lb and my shoe size is 7. I am very interred in modeling. I believe that I will be great for this.

  49. My name is LT Luther Hall of the United States Army (reserve). I’m writing in prayer that I can some how submit, audition or whatever your process is in becoming a feature for the exquisite Urban Ink Magazine. A little about me, I’m a single parent, I work for the DoD Government is supporting the Air Force and I’m also a LT in the United States Army. I have graduated with both my B.S. in communications and even earning Summe Cume Laude while obtaining my M.B.A. with a concentration in human resources. I recently moved out to Los Angeles, CA after a deployment. I really want to model and hopefully one day break into acting. Any consideration or information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you. Also, I was a feature in Tattoo Magazine’s issue #303.

    Luther Hall (Mr. Tattoo Model)

    “live in FAITH not FEAR”


    IG @mrtattoomodel

  50. My name is Ana i am a 18 years of age from Oregon, young, bright and a motivated individual . I mostly would be interested in teeth modeling i have one amazing smile at least i think for the most part as well as others, boy, if i had a dollar for every time someone complemented my smile i would be in Hollywood living the dream, however i am also interested any opportunity of any such things i am just an ordinary teen trying to make a better, inspiring to be better in life .

    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Body Type: big build /
    Hair: Long thick(wavy) blond highlights
    Skin: Olive
    Eyes: Brown


    Height: 5″4
    Weight: 175
    Bust: 34 Cup: B
    Dress: 14
    Shoe: 8.5/9

  51. Hello! My name is Cynthia. I am 18, 5’4 with curly natural brown hair, dark brown eyes & im lightskinned (black&spanish mix). Ive been told that i have a beautiful smile & that i should consider being a model. For more information you may email me at:

  52. Bio:
    Ciao! My name is Alexandra from Yugoslavia.I’m funny, down to earth, I have passion what I do,I m inspired by what I haven’t seen.I love to travel & see the world & different cultures. Music as well, from videos to the lyrics sometimes inspires my ideas.The creativity of others, having a open mind, achieving a goal is like what could I do next? Inspired by others that tell me not to stop, from where I came from.I like being passion about the Art, Style, Music, Videos, Photoshoots, even me achieving goals, makes me want more. Making people smile is inspiration. As long as God allows me to be able to have the ability to continue to inspire people & create things. My inspiration will never stop. Having a passion for what your involved in is the key to legacy.

    Age: 27
    Ethnicity: Serbian/Eastern European
    Body Type: Slim/Slender
    Hair: Long thin(wavy)
    Skin: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Telephone: 6309951347


    Height: 5″7 1/2
    Weight: 115
    Bust: 32 Cup: B
    Waist: 25
    Hips: 34
    Dress: 2
    Shoe: 8.5

  53. My name is Alyssa Ernst. I am 20 years old and have always been interested in modeling. I am 5’1″, I have long eyelashes, big brown eyes, and brown hair. I have been told I have nice teeth and a great smile. Please consider me for this opportunity. I would be more than grateful to be a part of it. Thank you!

  54. Hello my name is neghesty and I would love to work for glamour magazine its a ultimate dream job for me I currently started modeling last winter and I also have some journalism/communications background from college fashion is very important to me and I believe I can bring a lot to the table I am bold daring and fast paced I reside in shirley ny and I need a good challenge and I know that this is just the one for me if I can inspire someone then I will feel true happiness I hope to hear from you

  55. Hello my name is Heather Li !! I am very talented and beautiful artist (actress, singer, model). I just need an opportunity to break in! I am very interested in this opportunity please reach me at. (201)-673-3047
    I am very beautiful please check out my profile!
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Caucasian
    Height: 5’1 inches
    Weight: 100 pounds
    Hair: Brown, medium length
    Eyes: Brown
    Age: 19
    Body: Skinny, athletic
    Skin Color: Light olive
    Location: NJ

  56. Modeling isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s my desire and passion and where i belong. I have lived on the stage since i was 2 years old, dancing and performing with a smile on my face lighting up the room. I was crowned Miss. Jr Teen LI/NYC first runner up 2007 as well. I love Glamour Magazine and it always catches my eye on the stands, this would be an amazing place for me to belong. I know i can do anything my heart desires, and modeling is it!

  57. Hey there! I’m Shay Graves. I have little modeling experience however I was a part of the Atlanta America Mart 2014 fashion.
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 120lbs
    Measurements: 34-24-34
    Shoes: 8.5-9
    long brown hair
    hazel green eyes
    straight white teeth
    cheerleader, competitive
    sweet as sugar and I love to get to know people and try new things
    I’m about to turn 16 so I’m probably way too young but it’s worth the shot. Thanks! 706-892-4623

  58. My name is Tyler Stewart I am
    121 pounds
    Height 5’5
    Pants size 1 or 2
    Shirt size small
    I am 14 I’m gonna be 15 on October 23

  59. Hi, my name is Brooklynn. I’m 20 years old, and currently at a standstill in life while trying to figure out what I want to do; I know I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. This seems like a great opportunity to get my foot in the door, and I love the way Glamour Magazine outlines the positive aspects in the people they feature, rather than publishing negative and probably untrue information about celebrities. I love what Glamour stands for and I would absolutely love to be a part of it!
    Thank you for your time :)

  60. London Taylor

    Height: 3′ 6″
    Hair Color: Black
    Weight: 3 7
    Eye Color: Brown
    Print work London/Ballerina 2013
    London loves to perform and smiles easily. Her beautiful face and personality catch everyone”s attention. She”s very talkative ,
    friendly and outgoing.
    She won cutest kid in 2010 and did print work for a local photographer in  2013. London Also have fans all over social media
    supporting her modeling career. 
    Roller skating
     Telling jokes
    Very Athletic
    Follow Directions well 

  61. Hello my name is Nikia Johnson and I am a 40 year old from Detroit. I may not be a supermodel, but I can walk and would be great for advertising. I can be 20something or 40 something. I have herd all my life that I should model. I promise if given a chance, I would be an asset to you. It would be a privilege to model for Glamour Magazine. 40 is 40, not the new 20 or 30. Just wear it well…. And I can be the face for us 40+
    Thank you
    Nikia Johnson

  62. Name: Xiomary Rosa
    Age: 18
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: dark brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    If you would like a picture or any other information feel free to contact me at the email provided.

  63. i am 14 year old girl and i love to act, dance, and write music and i am very respectful. I never quit and work hard at what i do. I look young for my age I have supper curly hair and i am a very outgoing person and generally fun to be around. I get along well with others and i am family orinted and i can be a diva and a sweet heart. i catch on to things quickly to.Name: Daniel
    Height: 5′ 6”
    Weight: 88 lbs
    Ethnicity:afrcian amercian
    Age: 14
    Hair: Black-ish brown
    Eyes: Brown

  64. name is Jocelyn ..I am very interested in a glamour shot or pick!..I’m very determined to what and how I want to pursuit my outcomes when it comes down to what I like to do.people normally call me of my nickname.Im very Energetic,outgoing,Optimistic

  65. Hola!

    My name is Claude Lay. I am from Detroit, Michigan. I’m 22 years old. Olive/White skin with blue eyes, and blonde moderately wavy hair. I am of Italian and Cuban decent. I have been told that my look is very distinct. I stand 6 ft tall, 175 lbs, with a slim, athletic build. I’m very good at taking directions as well as working with groups and autonomously. Growing up in the city of Detroit has made me very resilient and I am able to thrive in any environment. I work very well under pressure and I am always up for a challenge. That being said, I am a very humble guy and I look forward to working in many diverse settings.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Claude Lay

    ID# 97518

  66. Hola!

    My name is Claude Lay. I am from Detroit, Michigan. I’m 22 years old. Olive/White skin with blue eyes, and blonde moderately wavy hair. I am of Italian and Cuban decent. I have been told that my look is very distinct. I stand 6 ft tall, 175 lbs, with a slim, athletic build. I’m very good at taking directions as well as working with groups and autonomously. Growing up in the city of Detroit has made me very resilient and I am able to thrive in any environment. I work very well under pressure and I am always up for a challenge. That being said, I am a very humble guy and I look forward to working in many diverse settings.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Claude Lay

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    how to monetize a website

  68. hello my name is Julissa Alvarado i live in MD and i want to be a model. I’m 5’ft. and i’m a Hispanic american. modeling in a magazine would be the best thing ever since i cant be a runway model because of my height.

  69. Hello, my name is Khadijah Sanders and I’m 20 years old. I am a military spouse and I’m currently stationed in Anchorage, AK with my husband. As of right now we don’t have any children and I work and attend school. Growing up my mom always did her best to help me pursue my dreams, but growing up in a small town made it hard. I was born and grew up in Columbus,MS. Around my first year of high school I began taking modeling/acting classes with a company located in Memphis. My mom would drive me back and forth every weekend just to attend. I felt like I learned, but I didn’t get any exposure and they continued to ask for more and more money. After that didn’t work out I just gave up and since then I haven’t been as happy, because I haven’t lived out what I know I should be doing. I’ve always gotten compliments on my looks, but I know modeling has a lot more to it and I’m willing to WORK for it. I know this opportunity would give me the time, tools, and exposure I need to go where I’ve always wanted to be. There is so much more to me than just this one picture. So please consider me, I’m a hard worker and I’m determined. I WON’T let you down!

  70. I am a 20 year old young lady and I haven’t necessarily believed in myself or my talents, but being that I am almost 21, I want to start my career, I am currently a student at a community college approaching my graduation date. I love singing and aside from loving it, I feel I’m quite good at it. I’ve always thought singing would be what I wanted to do, but over the years I’ve found an interest in acting and modeling, so I don’t want to limit myself. I’m going for it ALL. Considering me will not go unappreciated

  71. hello, i am very much interested in being a model for Glamour! I hope that you see me fit for this opportunity!

  72. Hello, my name is Christine and I am highly interested in becoming a part of your company. I have worked with several photographers, being experienced with runway and photo-shoots. I enjoy being in front of the Camera. I have the potential to be a model. My mother always wanted to become a model but she unfortunately passed away so I am here to make both our dreams come true. Hope to hear back from you! Thanks!

  73. Hi my name is Tammie. I would love to be considered for this amazing opportunity. I’m an aspiring model who’s trying to turn my dream of becoming a successful model into a reality. I know it’s going to take a lot of hard work, dedication, having thick skin to deal with rejection, and so much more and I’m ready for all of that, I’m prepared to work as hard as I have to, to make my dream come true.
    I’m 5’6″ Tall
    123 lbs
    34/B Bust
    26 Waist
    36 Hips
    Black hair
    Brown eyes

  74. My name is Saren Sutton, I am 19 years old from a small town, Kenedy, Texas. I have zero modeling experience, but I am trying to start somewhere. Modeling for Glamour Magazine is an amazing opportunity and I would love a chance at it. The only moving story I have is moving 90 miles away from my family for my freshman year of college. Thank you for your time.


  75. Ashley Schuler

    I am very hard working, fast paced and extremely energetic. I do not have experience but I know that I will not leave anyone disappointed.
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 107
    Shoe: 8.5
    Shirt: XS/S
    Jeans: 1/3
    Bust: 32B
    Hips: 35″
    Dress: 0/2

    Waist: 26″

  76. I wanted to give this a go. Time magazine has just done it. Yay! I am a transgender mom (now legal female) with custody of a son age 6. (HRT) I have been working in Human Resources for the fortune 500 for quite sometime. I want to take the leap of faith of potential avoidance of prejudice, and see if you would give me a shot at this. I have won beauty pageants, I have taste, personality, and class, and I am a leader and advocate for human the rights campaign. I would love an opportunity such as this. Thanks, and have a wonderful day.

  77. Hola,

    My name is Ty’Neil Taitt, but nowadays everyone calls me Charli Tai. Charli for me means resisilence. Its a name that embodies both male and female. I actually renamed myself when I decided to bald my head after overcoming a pretty difficult time in my life. Going to University I was almost abducted, for years this played on me emotionally and physically as I received injuries to my feet which left remnant of that night.

    Any who, I’ve always wanted to model even if it is just for one night or day to live wholly in my dreams.

    To work for Glamour Magazine, as the name denotes Glamorous, would be amazing . I want to be an inspiration to young girls like Lupita :).

  78. Height: 5’6
    Weight: 109lbs
    Age: 20
    Dress: small
    pants: 1
    Shoes: 7
    Waist: 23
    Hips: 32
    Number: 9543009087
    Hello!!! My name is Shanae M. Reece. I live in south Florida. I attend Nova Southeastern University where I will be graduating in 2016 for theatre. :) I would love to work with Glamour Magazine and believe that I do have what it takes to inspire other young girls through the same magazine that has inspired me. I don’t mind working any job given to me. (I have to start somewhere afterall). I am very optimistic, lovable, and punctual. I put myall I to everything I do. I feel like working with this company would be absolute perfection.

  79. Hi my Name is Andrea Johnson im only 21 i was burned in a fire on my arms and chest in 2012. I would love to have the opportunity to show the world that you can still model and act and follow your dreams no matter what happens in life. I think this should be an opportunity to show the world you dont have to be scarless to be considered *BEAUTIFUL* i have scars on both my arms that have healed. If chosen for the position you wont be dissapointed!

  80. hello. am Jesca and am 20yrs old. am a film student in kenyatta university, KENYA.. I would love to be one of your models in your magazine. i love modelling and acting.

  81. Hello how are you doing? My name is Lamar and I am 20yrs old. I decided to enter the acting/modeling world because I am a very positive and social person. I also still have a baby face which makes me look 16 which is a have taking professional acting classes and been in a couple Indie films. I would love to be a part of this project and I feel as though I could make it far if I get that break.

  82. Hy um shivoni makaringe,um 18years turimg 19 next month. I stay in soweto in diepkloof zone2 . I am interested to be part of your magazine. If given
    the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality,
    dependability, loyalty, hard work &
    dedication in your team, I have potential.

  83. Typically high school is a time you either love or hate. Unfortunately, the latter was for me. I was constantly bullied my whole jr high and high school experience, was raped when I was 16, and diagnosed with depression at 17. But through it all, I graduated a year early with honors and achievements, and decided to celebrate life and beauty and accomplishment in Europe. I fell in love with the land/people/and myself during this time, and decided to stay for the next year and half traveling, living, and working all around Europe. I am now 19, back in the US, and taking photography/modeling to pay for my rent and bills. It’s a passion, an art, and a way for me to express myself in a way that one can’t in words. I believe models need this love deep down inside of them to really reach out and jump at the audience. This is the difference between “just another pretty face” and the fiercely real girl that makes it to the top, even though everyone doubted her.

  84. •The Initiate (Feature Film & TV Series) (Currently Filming) : Supporting Role (Mother to Lead Character Diana), Johannesburg, South Africa

  85. My name is Frederick mammy I haven’t modeled so I would want to a shot for with glamour magazine Plz get back to me

  86. My name is Cynthia I’ just turned 26. I love to keep fit and work out. I graduated from John Casablanca’s nd just want to get my face out there. I’m 5’8 long dark brown hair skinny with a tight but hips and great cheek bones. I really want this so bad i paid 2000 for modeling school.

  87. Hi my name is Charlotte Christian I am 21 years old. I am very dedicated to modeling and acting. It’s all I wanna do in life, and I will do whatever I have to, to reach for my goal. I am a very hard worker and have very flexible hours. I have some modeling experience thank you so much for your time.

    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 145
    Shoe: 10
    Eye: blue
    Hair: dark brown

  88. Hello Glamour Professionals. I am a fashion photographer who would like to share my website with you. I have access to aspiring females who may fit into your casting criteria. Thank you from Chaque Bonne Memoire Photography

  89. Hi!!! I am Tamara Christion. I am 32, Army veteran, student, and single mother of four beautiful children. I strive to achieve my goal as a working model. This would be a GREAT opportunity!
    5′ 11″ 160lbs very fit

  90. Iam 19years old, a Kenyan and live in Nairobi, i hop.e to get that special chance to be a model in glamour magazine. I love modelling and acting too. I have an inspiring story that I would love to share with both young and old though sad. please contact me through my email address.

  91. My name is Nargiza Amirova I am from Medal East Uzbekistan
    20 years old
    5 ft 5 in
    Black hair and brown eyes
    Pretty Smile!
    I will do my best to be greats model they are looking for Glamour Magazine.

  92. I would love the opportunity to be in Glamour magazine. I have shared my story many times, but never in such a public way. I have a sad, but inspiring story that I’d love to share to help other young women get through the trying times and keep fighting for a better life. Contact me if you’re interested.

  93. Hi my name is Rolonda an I am interested in Modeling for Glamour magazine. I have dreamed of becoming a model since I was a young girl. I also have taking modeling classes under The Barbizon Modeling &Acting school an graduated, therefore it allowed me to have the opportunity to take part in the International Modeling Talent Association which I became the swimwear M3 winner, however it has not allowed me to show my passion for Modeling, so please give me the chance to do so.

  94. I’m a new face to modelling , I am also an actor . I have been on Transformers four , Chicago fire 2:13 which comes out January 21 , and have been in Mind games in a ballroom banquet scene and I take classes at second city and think it would be great be be on the cover for Glamour .

    18 yrs

    Thank You

  95. Hi,
    My names Selina and I’ve been in the modeling world for about a year now. And I enjoy every minute of it. I would be honored to model for your magazine. I do mostly everything . I have two
    Modeling trophies I won. If you are interested please email me . Thank you!

  96. My name is Shantel Kindred. I’ve always wanted to model. I have won one beauty pagent. I live in California and would me more than willing to travel and whatever needed to be of assistance. I have a great personality and am a people person. My energetic look and attitude could be beneficial.

  97. This would mean a lot to me, I love modeling and acting…i’m 18 years old, I’d be more than happy to work for you! Not only a pretty face, but I have a nice personality, I grt along with people really fast. ..please choose me

  98. I’d be honored to participate in this……take a look at some of my pics I’ve sent in…..I have had two modeling contracts in the past.
    5’6, 38 years old but carry my age well…most people think I don’t look over 28..

  99. Hello my name is Karina. I graduated from barbizon and now I’m looking for opportunities to start my dream career. haven’t gotten anything yet but I’m determined that soon I’ll here good news! Print work is my main focus but I act as well. Please email me if I’m what you are looking for. Thanks!

  100. My name is Lacie. I do site modeling and all types of modeling. I mostly do teen modeling. I’m 13 and very interested in this oppurtunity. Ive been doing modeling for a year now and would like to do this. Thank you.

  101. I am professionally a model with eye catchy look, 24Years old male, living in Gurgaon
    Current Stats:
    looks: muscular slim and fair in colour. please contact 9999647212

  102. Hi my name is Shelly Hunter and I’m 45ys old with some modeling experience from back in the day im pursuing in trying to get into film and modeling. dreams do come true and I will be sending u some pictures or go to my facebook page and see my pictures. or ill send u some pictures upon request.. im a team player and will work hard to do a great job for you guys.

  103. *********MY WORK*******
    *Abonna Girl Co. Fashion Show
    Theme: “Purple Masquerade”

    * Promotional Event Presented Laugh Out Loud comedy show hosted by comedian Ray Lipowski and a host of other comedians!!

    * Forever21 Summer Bikini Line Fashion Show/Competition

    * Runway Fashion show for V-Classified (Prt.2)
    Theme: “Chic Confections”

  104. Hello my name is lovetter Kamara I am interested in the photo shoot. If interested please email me back I will send you pictures of myself. Thank you

  105. This is really important to me and i hope that you casting directors chose me to be an extra so that i can make it into the business.

  106. propper diet and eircecxse. if you can go to a gym, do that. if not, a couple or hours of jogging/walking a day is ok. and hour in the morning and an hour before bed will do.also, focus your diet on eating high protein-low fat foods, such as eggs, checken breast, red meats, fish, vegetables and salads.

  107. I’m Hispanic, and very highly interested in modeling. In my life I’ve played soccer, and just recently began in the pageant industry. I also sing, dance, and play the guitar. I have so much potential!

  108. hi am francis but i love being call franklin,am 21, studying marketing and advertisement…i love travelling,readying and dancing… I also love modelling is my passion

  109. Hi my name is Shaniqua Campbell and I’m interested in being a part of many
    of your upcoming projects. If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work & dedication
    to the team. You can contact me at also check out my website for photos, video reel & more. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    Shawna C. has the potential to be an industry favorite. Her
    professionalism and work ethics is what has kept her progressing in
    her craft. With a portfolio most models will kill for, Shawna C. has
    yet to become content with her success. After appearing in numerous
    videos, fashion shows, tv series, print modeling and commercials, Shawna C. plans
    to tap into the big screen.
    Shawna C. says she is interested in being a part of many
    upcoming projects. “If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work &
    dedication to the team.

    Shaniqua Campbell
    Measurements- 34″-27″-38
    Age- 25
    Height- 5″3
    Weight- 125
    Eyes- Brown
    Hair- Dark Brown/Short
    T- Shirt size- XS/ S
    Current Location- Memphis,Tn

  110. My name is Chelsea I’m 21 and live in Katy, TX. Ive been modeling and acting for a while now and am, if I may say, very good at it. Please email me for my resume and headshot, I’d love a chance at this amazing opportunity.

    • Hi, my name is Nina im 14 years old,oviously im really young but I have modelled before and still am I love it im super confident in front of the camera, I like to have fun but I know how to be serious when its needed,way too mature for my age im really spontanious and fun to be around,check me out :)

    • I am an experienced fashion/editorial model in Atlanta GA. I would love to participate in this project because I feel my modeling skills would be awesome but also to help share my mission of Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness. I was in an automobile accident at the age of 14 years old & suffered a TBI & lived 2 months of my life in a coma… I was told I would never walk again, today I speak and encourage never giving up after brain trauma because I proudly can say I am a marathon runner, a mother and most of all a survivor!

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