Robert De Niro Movie Casting in Atlanta

Casting directors are looking for additional men and women in their 20’s to 80’s to work on a funeral scene filming in downtown Atlanta on Friday, May 19th.  The selected actors will take part in a movie called, The War With Grandpa.


This new feature film stars world class actors De Niro and Christopher Walken. It is about a grandfather (De Niro) and his young grandson.  The grandson has to give up his room when the grandfather moves in, and the result is a hilarious drama about a boy and his grandpa fighting like siblings.  When the boy engages in a series of pranks to get his grandpa out of his room, the old man decides to fight back.

Robert De Niro is an American actor that has been in the industry since 1963.  His first huge role was in The 1974 classic Mafia movie The Godfather when he played Vito Corleone.  De Niro quickly established himself as a hard nosed actor with a classy Italian flair.  He was the epitome of “gangster” and it showed when he was cast multiple times to play an Italian mobster in various movies.


Where: Atlanta

When: May 19th

This is a tremendous opportunity to appear in a feature film with two of the industry’s most successful modern actors.  Not only will you be paid, you will gain even more valuable exposure in a competitive industry.  Acting as an extra in a top tier film will open many new doors for you.  The movie hits theaters on October 20th 2018.


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