The Hunt – The CW Castings

The hunt Game show Casting

The hunt Game show Casting

Fans of The Hunger games will be happy to learn that the CW has picked up a one-hour competition series named The Hunt. From executive producers David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe and Greg Goldman who produced the show “Ready for Love. Over the course of a month, 12 teams of two are dropped in the wilderness. They’re given no food or water or shelter and they’re forced to put their survival skills to the test while also capturing one another in some way. Right after The CW announced the competition critics saw it as a move inspired by the success of “The Hunger Games” franchise. The casting directors are now searching for male and female contestants that are interested in auditioning for The Hunt. This is a great opportunity for anyone that is looking to gain exposure all while competing for a grand prize.

The Hunt is an intense wilderness competition taking place over one month, as 12 teams of two are provided no food, water, or shelter, but must compete in a game where they’ll rely on their physicality, survival skills, and hunting skills to endure their conditions, capture one another, and ultimately win a huge cash prize. If you are a fan of the outdoors and think you have what it takes to win the grand prize than the casting directors at The CW want to hear from you.

Submissions for contestants are now being accepted and this is your chance to apply. If you are interested in auditioning for The Hunt please submit several recent photos along with contact information (all contestants must be at least 18). Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about The CW and their new Hunger Games competition reality show.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Name: Karan
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6 foot
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Country: Canada
    Ethnicity: Indian
    Bio: Hello, I’m a University student who loves the outdoors but doesn’t get to spend much time in it. I have always had a fascination with survival TV shows and imagine how I would do in the given situations. I am very interested in the premise of this show and would love to be considered. Thank you!

  2. No one can handle me! I may be 5″5″ and look like the typical “girly girl” but I can get down a dirty! People look at me like I am weak but I can do things like leg press 445 pounds. Don’t let this smile fool you because I am a true bad ass. And the ones that look the weakest or prettiest are the ones people “don’t worry about” but they really should when it comes down to me.
    -Lift weight everyday
    -Run fast and long distance
    -Can dance,sing,play instruments
    -Very Caring
    -1st place in a mud run race
    -squat 275 leg press 445
    -experience in karate

  3. Hi i am 6ft Tall
    i am MBA from MIT
    i am Skilled in Making Hunting weapons with or without tools,
    i am skilled in fishing catching crabs with hands,
    making fire, hunting skills
    my Age is 33 and on the top i am INDIAN.
    So try me.

  4. This sounds very interesting, I may be almost 55, but I’m pretty sure I can still hold my own.
    I grew up in the Midwest with the Rocky Mountains as our “vacation” grounds, spent many a summer along the Platte River hiking, camping and surviving off the land.
    Joined the U.S. Army at 18, spent 3 of almost 11 years as a Military Police, the remaining 8 years, all I can really reveal is that I earned my “Triple Canopy” some call it the “Triple Threat” (Special Forces/Ranger/Airborne), Master Parachutist and HALO qualified, S.E.R.E., Jungle, Desert and Mountain/Arctic survival trained…that’s just the tip of the iceberg…
    I may be an “old man” in some peoples eyes … but I can still bring it to the table…
    This sounds like something that would be right up my alley not to mention a lot of fun…
    Have a fantastic day all…
    After getting out of the Military, spent 3 weeks at a time up in the Northern Cascades, 3 days rations and would use maybe a days worth in 21 days, hunting, fishing and foraging for my food. This I would do sometimes 3 to 4 times a year. The longest was about 28 days because the day before I was getting ready to head back, got hit by snow and had to wait it out for a few days before making the 2 to 3 day journey back to the trail head.

  5. I’m 37.. weigh 252..and I’m a bad motherfucker. I’m a west Virginia man and I know everything there is to survive in the wild. I would absolutely love to show off my awesomeness on TV. No one will know what hit them. Bring it on

  6. Hello,
    I love survival shows. I was in the military for a while and loved the survival schools that we would go to. I was a Cub scout then Boy scout and loved being out in the wilderness.
    I think I watched to many Rambo and Arnold movies in my youth, prompting me to join the USMC when I graduated from High School. I was Light Armored Recon. I then joined the Navy for EOD. I ended up on the SEAL Teams after 9/11. I loved what I did but was injured in combat.
    I am now doing much better, working out, hunting, and enjoying life again.
    I would love to be on a show like this to challenge myself again and enjoy the survival.

  7. I’m Shanonanon!! (Not Katniss, or Peeta, or Rue…Shanonanon)

    I’m 19, student, sorority girl at the University of Oregon, & from Portland, OR. I’m blunt and straight to the point: I’m not super athletic, can’t run a marathon, hate insects and bugs of any kind, and don’t know how to hunt, but for some reason I want to be on this show.

    I’m extremely underestimated. No one thinks I can survive in difficult situations. I’m the underdog. Contestants won’t see me as a threat, that’s their first mistake.

    Yes, I’m a proud sorority girl, yes I was the Principal’s daughter in high school, yes I have 5 brothers and am the “princess” of my family, and yes I am going to win THE HUNT.  


  8. I’m 36 and a tree faller/logger from Corvallis Oregon, I was pretty much brought up in the wild, I’ve hunted my whole life and know how to survive any extreme condition thrown my way. Would love an opportunity to use my skills.

    • Age:27
      Ethnicity: Caucasian
      Ex military (as of sept14) eight years active duty
      Im an easy going small town Iowa boy grew up hunting/fishing constantly outdoors. I practice surviving alone and tried to be prepared as possible ive never tried entering the wilderness with nothing I’m not an actor of aspiring actor I just want to see were I stand/what I’m capable of!!
      Thanks, Ken

  9. Give me this pack of mental giants that have posted so far especially john with the dreams and they won’t survive.
    Come DWNRNG with me!!!

  10. I am a very fit 60-year publishing consultant and outdoorsman living in Idaho. I’m also a very active caver… crawling and rappelling deep into caves within the US and abroad. I am very comfortable in the outdoors and can take care of myself and others.

    I am also a gamesman. I think with both the right and left sides of my brain…I can see the big picture, am creative and strategic. I am also detailed, good with my hands and can get things done.

    I can both lead and follow depending on my own strengths/weaknesses and of those around me. Most of the time I am a quiet “lead by example” type of guy, but I can also be quite assertive if need be. I have a good sense of humor, but very little patience for bulls#!t.

    I am an old school man’s man and I try to keep it real.

    6′ 1″
    195 lbs
    Blonde/Silver hair (balding)
    fit & active

    * Big fan of survival & strategy games.

  11. 18
    college Student
    Love to have fun
    I am not athletic at all
    I really want to win however, I need that grand prize money, tuition is crazy
    Always wanted to be on television, so I would love the exposure
    It would be nice to see someplace else in the world even though it wouldn’t be under the most relaxed situation.

  12. Greetings,

    My name is Brett O’Connor, as i’m sure is indicated by a click-able blue link saying the same near the corner of this post. I am six-foot even in height, shoulder length blonde/brown hair with blue eyes. I have been acting intermittently for around two decades, currently aged at 24 years old I have done productions dating back to age 5. Typically doing a lead or co-star type role, i’ve additionally found tremendous success in pivoting minor roles to their fullest extent. The ability of an actor lies within their lines and movements regardless of how many there happen to be. I have grown up watching the CW before it was actually the CW; I have seen the growth of many actors through the lenses of your cameras. Supernatural has been a long-running dream of mine to be on; but I would like to think practicality has always been a strong-suit of mine and I know where that stands in terms of likelihood. I would like an opportunity to showcase my skills and demonstrate my abilities to the production teams at The CW, If granted a chance to be on The Hunt I can assure by the words I have expressed that it would not be regrettably done. If given a chance to become established as a new face on a growing opportunity such as this before the ship sets sail I promise to give one hundred and fifteen percent and nothing less!

    Please consider my application.
    -Brett O’Connor

  13. Hello, my name is Hope Hawkins.

    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 125lbs
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: dirty-blonde, medium length, no bangs
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 13 (people generally mistake me for older)
    City: Atlanta, GA USA

    I have participated in many school plays and gone to acting camps over the years. I can do a New York, country, and British accent as well as speak fluent English and partial French. I am a moderate singer but a strong actor. I would be more than honored to play a role in this show.

  14. Hi my name is steven, I have taken an interest in applying for this show as I have always had a keen interest of being out doors, I have grew up on my parents farm and love the out doors, I am a Joiner by trade and good with my hands, also as my current job as past 5 years is a production manager,managing teams of operators to carry out daily tasks, efficiently and effectively as possible, if you like what you have read and think I would be suitable, leave me a message and I will get back to yous.


  15. Hi my name is Natalie and I’m a huge fan of the 100. It’s my favorite series. I thought I could audition for the hunt since they are similar. Both series have to do with survival and it would be amazing to be part of it and watch it come to life. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to be an actress. I’m 20 years old right now. I’m from Orlando FL. I’m really excited! :)

  16. Name: Cephora Blel
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 149lb
    Height: 5ft7
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Long brown hair
    Personality: leader, stubborn, trustworthy, loyal, confident, ambitious but sensitive too..

    Hi! My name is Cephora Blel and i am really interested in taking part in your casting for this show! I really want to suceed and get this job, acting is one of my “quality”, actually in most of situations i’m acting to not show my real feelings (but it doesn’t mean that i’m a fake person, it just depends with who), because i think that today, in our world, show that to be sensitive, too nice or even compassionate is defined like a weakness, a fragility. We’re human not robots, we have to feel something, but not everyone understand that.
    So i really want to be in your show, even if i’m not 18 yet, i hope i could.. thank you for your time!

    here’s my email :


  17. Hey my name is raheem banks and I am 18 years old with a mind set to win win win!!!!!
    To be honest I am not the smartest in the world but love being outside and doing thing with my hands and love watching survival shows and movies like Survivor,Walking Dead,The Colony and much more. I really do think I have what it takes to win give me a shot and you won’t be disappointed.Very competitive and used to play football and other sports for hobbies. I stand 6 foot 2 and I weigh 177pounds full of mussel from a city called Spartanburg in South Carolina and will give a good show and loves to make people laugh but will be serious if necessary to win the best leader anyone can have .

    pick a winner :-)

  18. Hey, I am twenty one years old honestly I have no acting experience, but I feel like I have to be in at least one show in my life. I am a full time student and a manager working 45+ hour weeks. I have accomplished everything I have ever wanted my whole life. Currently I am in the best shape of my life I can bench 255, squat 365, and run 10 miles. I have a 3.35 GPA and do yoga every other week. I want to do something fun I’m tired of paperwork, and homework.

  19. vocês devem fazer um no brasil, com participantes acima de 15 anos, aproveitando as férias escolares daqui. há varios fans de jogos vorazes no brasil.

  20. I am 19 years old, male. I am muscular and well trained in the wilderness. I Know how to hunt and other survival skills like building shelter, finding drinkable water, and several other things. I want to be apart of the hunt because I live in a small town and I want to make something of my life. I believe that his will help me move closer to becoming something. I can work well with others and can pull my own weight, Please consider me.

  21. I would love to be on this show because I love being out side in the woods and mostly fishing in rivers and hiking at this place in my home town it’s called swallow falls I love going there in the summer time swimming in the river and fishing man I love fishing there so much and helping people that are there hiking in my town mostly its for tourist to come here and go skiing and fishing and so much more I love it here but in 1998 I was hit by a car and I dead and I came back to life and to this day I no it was god that gave me a scond chance so if you guys let me come on this show it would mean the would to me to show my family and friends that I was given a second chance for life

  22. I am 18 years old I am a survivalist I hunt regularly. I am a white male and I play baseball and soccer. I really want to be a part of the hunt. I train weightlifting regularly in the summer. And do general body strengthening year round. I am smart and know how to hunt. I can use basic essential survival tools. I would be great on the show and I consider myself a male katniss.


  23. Hi my name is Quetzalli Narvaez.
    I live in los angles California.
    My age is 12.
    I have dark dark brown color eyes.
    I am a girl.
    My size is 5,3
    I really love acting.

    Well I have never had a acting lesson with a academy. Because I don’t have the money. But my sister is really good actor so she gives me lessons.

  24. Name : Jazzy Roulhac
    Gender : Female
    Age : 21
    Hair : Black
    Eyes : Brown
    Height : 5’9
    Weight : 135
    Ethnicity : Black

    Hello! My name is Jazzy Roulhac and I am really interested in taking part in your casting for this show! I am ready to make my debut in the acting world, and because the CW is my favorite network I thought to try here first! Thank you for your time!

  25. My name is Lisa Suciu and I’m interest in auditioning this show. The hunt sounds very adventrous and I’m also into movies that involve competition. I’m 18, Romanian/Canadian and can speak both languages. Brown hair, bright green eyes, 5’3. I think i’d play a younger girl that looks like shes young but is also strong and smart.

  26. Hello my name is Sarojeni Wilson. I’m 25 African American female. I would love to be a part of the hunt. I grew up in the country. My backyard was the wilderness. I’m very athletic and would be a great to am player. I’m a really great strategist. I’m an awesome competitor. I love challenges. Feel free to view my comp card. my talent ID # is 91603.
    Thank you

  27. hi my name is Steven i am 21 and would love to have a shot at this show. i am competitive persistent and i love the outdoors. I am willing to do what ever it takes to make my dream as an actor come true and i believe this show will help pursue that dream, I am willing to relocate if i have to even to travel.

  28. I am 6’1 190 lbs Brown skin soft brown eyes muscular body type I work out I love the outdoors anything involving physical activity. train an compete in tough mudder events for fun. I have experience an runway modeling and fitness I have studied mass communications and look forward to pursuing my career as an actor I just need an opportunity I live in va there isn’t much there in the field I want to pursue so I am willing to locate asap.

  29. i’m fourteen years old im petite and really fast over short distances i’m a championship fencer/kickboxer. i also have a secret talent i can basically tell if people are lying just by looking at them thank you for your consideration
    Faith otis

  30. I would really love the opportunity to audition for this show. I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games and I would love to have the chance to compete in something like the Hunger Games.

  31. I think the show is an awesome idea. Me and my boyriend are a tactical couple. Between created survival bags, hunting, fishing hiking I think we would make a great tribute to the show. This is are dream and you should make it come true

  32. Me and my friend Nick think we would make the Team that would be hard to beat. I grew up in Minnesota hunting and fishing and he grew up In North Carolina doing the same. I am an avid outdoors women and have read multiple survival books and try to put my knowledge to the test as much as possible. Nick, is the ultimate outdoorsman and knows more about hunting, fishing and basic survival than anyone I have ever met. He also has some military training and excellent tracking abilities which would make evading us near impossible.

    Skills: hunting, fishing, trapping, primitive tools, basic survival

    Skills: hunting, fishing, tracking, basic survival, wildlife biologist, plant identification, military training

  33. Hi my name is Karl Streyle and I would love to be able to be a part of this show. I am 24 years old and live in Pueblo, Colorado. I served in the U.S Army infantry for 5 years and deployed to Afghanistan twice for a total of 21 months. I recently got out of the military to pursue a degree in biology to become a wildlife officer. I am an extreme hunter and fisherman and I love being outdoors. Survival is a challenging thing that I thrive on and love. The challenge of defeating your weaknesses and conquering them is one of the best feelings. I would love to be on this show to test my skills and also help others.

  34. Hi, my name is leensey. I am 18, and very adventurous. I read about the details to your new upcomingshow and uI’m very I threaten in becoming one of the cast. Now I’m not going to sit here and say “I have amazing strength and the ability to build shelter out of leaves and mud, and therefore I think I would be perfect for your show”, no! But I will say however that I am smart, very creative, and make a great team-mate. So I’m not exactly sure what you guys are looking for, but hopefully I fit some type of criteria.

  35. Mike Sosa
    28 5’11 160lbs
    Dark brown skin Brn Eyes
    San Jose CA USA

    What can I say… But… It’s about the money. I will do anything for that much money. Don’t get me wrong I’ve taken rather questionable risks with my health and safety in the past but I have grown and learned from it. I’ve become a rather successful ballroom dance teacher over the years but only after a car accident took my knee from me in college. I was an all star distance runner running a 4.27 sec mile. I still run everyday but I haven’t competed since. Although I’ve had knee surgery I’ve been able to test and push my body in new ways through my dancing but because I have taken on a respect for my flesh I train smart and never hard. My dancing flourished and I began independent ventures with the capital I generated. Although my first couple business ideas flopped I learned so much each time and never lost my nest egg but I have an idea to incorporate my dancing and 3d projection mapping to create an entertainment experience never before seen. Although this is not the reason I want the money… Also I’ve begun learning to code and write software that will hopefully illuminate LED’s in a 3d environment creating messages and pictures in animated musical fashions. But this too isn’t why I so desire the money. The reason I need the money is I had to scour, spelunk, and trudge through so much wasted time to learn about these amazing technologies and I really think there should be a place where people can learn about them and experience entertainment, music, art, and education in a whole new way. My idea is simple and a quarter million dollars would definitely help me reach my dream of a Community TECH Center even faster.
    Although helping my fellow man is my passion in life I never finished college because of money due to my injury and this would definitely give me the opportunity to finally finish that. Ooooh! I can already taste it! My competitive spirit is like one people never see. Although I am a “live life with honor” type of person to win a game I will take advantage at a key point. I have never lost a game of hide and seek and I am in today probably better overall shape than I have ever been my entire life.
    I watched the first season of Capture and I notice the teams of two and set up of the show. If I need a partner I know I can find somebody to come with me. A loud mouthed political activist hippie vegan mountain man living in Oregon. One of the leaders in the occupy movement in San Francisco. He has a farm and lives off the land. He and I would decimate any team that you could possibly put together. In fact it would be sad the margin by which we would beat each other team.
    I hope you may learn to love me in the way I love this show. I know I would bring an element yet unseen to your reality game show, I just hope I’ve captured your attention.


  36. Hi there!
    My boyfriend and I are very intrigued by the idea of this show, we actually just went to the movies about a week ago to see the new Hunger Games and after the showing I mentioned how cool it would be to have a reality show on the same concept. There are many reasons I would say we have what it takes to be on this show.. I grew up spending 90% of my time outdoors, lived in a small town in Texas and my mother always had land to explore. I always have been around animals and wildlife, nothing really scares me. I’m confident with nature. Outdoors is where I belong! I know all of the basic safety skills, first aid, survival skills. My boyfriend whom would be my partner on the other hand is probably the most intelligent person on this planet, let’s just say he reminds me of Beetee from “hunger games catching fire”.

    Name: Riley Hansler
    Age: 24
    Weight: 195
    Height: 6’2
    Skills: shooting, archery, scuba diving, surfing, rock climbing
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Long Blonde hair (think Thor)
    Build: tall, slender, athletic
    Personality: easy going, trustworthy, leader

    Name: Shelby Brooke Gonzales
    Age: 19
    Weight: 130
    Height: 5’11
    Skills: archery, horseback riding, first aid, rock climbing
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Hair: Light Brown
    Build: tall, slender, athletic
    Personality: funny, energetic, leader

  37. Hello! My name is Jane Clark, and I’m actually here to sign my big brother Brian up for the show! I watched the first season of Capture, and all I could think about was how entertaining it would be to have my brother participating in the show. Brian is 23 years old, and a little over 6 feet tall. In high school, he was the captain of both the Cross Country and Track teams, and he won awards in both. He made his college team as a walk on, but decided his talents would be better used in a huge game of campus tag: Humans vs. Zombies. Over the past few years, Brian has developed a passion for the outdoors, rock climbing in particular. Sometimes, when his rent is too steep, Brian decides it’s not a problem! He just grabs his backpack and a tent (I think) and he’s off. None of us are really sure where he goes, but I do receive occasional snapchats of him camping out in the woods somewhere. Aside from this, Brian holds two jobs one as a waiter and one as a staff member at a rock climbing gym. He desperately needs the money not only to pay his college loans, but also to pay his steep rent. Considering this is my Christmas gift to Brian, I would appreciate a response as you please consider him, and whatever crazy friend he chooses, to participate in your show! I would love for him to get at least interview, so this Christmas gift doesn’t amount to nothing!! Brian is from Northampton, MA.

    P.S. I know he is my older brother, but Brian is VERY good-looking.

  38. Hi my name is Angel Arturo Ochoa (15) and my uncle Benigno Valencia Jr ( 28, in the military) want to be on Capture. I live in California and my uncle lives in Kansas. We are the perfect team my uncld is very strong and fast, and im fast and i can climb trees. We want to compete for the money. I may be the youngest but i am small and i can probably out run the other competitors. Thank you for your time and i hope me and my uncle can be on this show.

  39. When I heard about this show my mind was bloown!!! Ive always watched shows like these since I was a little kid!! I just turned 18 and would love to do nothing more but to enter in the next seasons competition! Competitions what I live for! Im a soccer play, breakdancer, and free runner, and I always go camping and fishing with my grizzly dad! It would be so sick to be able to compete with my bro Fabreze from straight up central Africa! He just moved here, and man the best 19 year old all around athlete I have ever seen!Who else works out 3 hours every day! We’d be great competition and in it to win it in the next seasons Capture!

  40. Watched every thrilling moment of the first season of capture with my best bud Chris , all we could think was we would win this show easily, were both athletic and competitive and not afraid to do what is necessary to win ,so come on cw , u Need us on this show!

  41. Hello,
    I just watched the first season of Capture and loved it. I would like to be a contestant on the show. I live now in Australia, but would fly back any time for the show. I am a 43 year old Handyman living in Melbourne, Australia for the past 8 years and love it here. My friend lives in Florida who is 42 years old and runs a Pool Company. I think he and I would be an interesting Team, we were both in the Boy Scouts where we met and now we live totally different lives. We would probably be the oldest contestants on the show which would make it interesting the Older against Younger, Wiser against Not So Wiser.
    Thank You,

  42. Me (19 years old) and my brother Mark (20 years old) both 6ft tall and are both from Homestead ,Florida spend most of our time in miami and would love to take part on this show and show how competitive we are.We both are very athletic but he has always been the most athletic one while i am the one with the brains. we both have been playing sports since we were young and spending as much time we can outside enjoying nature.The main reason i would want to join this show is to help my parents.They are both immigrants from Haiti My mom is not able to work due to a head on collision while on her way from work in which she broke three bones in her body.My father has been working since he came to this country and have been working hard to support our family but because his english is limited and he has a broken back it has been hard for him to get a good paying job where we have no worries and is able to take care of his children (6 children) and his wife. If I win this prize money i would love to help my parents and to let them enjoy life and let me and my brother take care of them for once in their life.Please give me this one chance to compete on this show and to win the prize money for my family.Thank you!

  43. My fiancee James and I love Capture. We are ready to show our strengths on this show. We both play softball and I’m a middle school coach. My fiancee is a correctional officer. I’m 28 and he is 33. I pray a get this opportunity! I am also a cancer survivor and would like to have the chance to show everyone I am still standing strong.

  44. Hello CW

    Love your show, watched a number of them on The CW website though recently the episodes stopped working for me. There was such a colourful range of people on the show, and after watching each of the episodes I was left with the feeling of “I wonder how well I’d fare in that scenario? Would I get caught and eliminated right off the bat or be able to claw my way to the finish line?”

    At this point I should probably mention I’m an aussie, in Australia [naturally] so if that rules me out as a contender due to being outside of the USA, that’s unfortunate but understandable.

    A few years ago I attempted to join the ADF [Australian Defense Force] but was deferred due to medical reasons [I have scoliosis, army didn’t want to risk saddling me with an +40kg bag on my back I guess], it was a drawn out process but something I had my heart set on, unfortunately no matter how much I wanted to enlist it just wasn’t something I could achieve regardless of how stoic I was in my endeavour. It’s shows like this that would allow me to not only prove to myself but to anyone else that much as one may consider scoliosis a detriment, that would not stop me giving any undertaking my all and getting results!

    Plus, being what I’d consider your archetypical outback aussie, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m a survivalist but trekking through the bushland is something I’ve got some experience with, it would be quite the new experience to find myself in a completely different wilderness on the other side of the world, haha!

    The particulars, as they seem to be a detail others have opted to list:

    26 Years Old
    Brown Hair
    Hazel Eyes

    Victoria, Australia
    Office Admin Assistant

    My friend [25 years] is part of the ADF but would relish the idea of putting the skills he has learned to the test in such a scenario, plus it’d be an interesting dynamic just between the two of us to see how the trained and initiated fares alongside one far from it, don’t think I’d be letting him pick up the slack though, I’d be making a point to keep up that’s for sure!

    Hopefully this page is still being monitored for the second season of Capture, can’t wait to be a part of it!

  45. Hello. Im Andrew from Nashville, Tn. Im 23 years old. I just finished watching the season final for Capture and thought i would try to get on the show seeing as I am a big fan. Im not sure if to be selected I have to provide a teamate or if one is provided for me but I can find one or you can select one for me which ever you prefer. I am not the biggest guy in the world, 5’9 height, 135 lbs. Most of my life i was told i was to small to play most sports. But i did run track all through high school and in my spare time love to hunt. Interestingly enough seems like this show would be perfect for me seeing as running and the outdoors i am used to. I can not seem to find a career path that i am excited about honestly but i really enjoy teaching kids when we have vbs at church and i get to teach the kids i feel like i am actually making a difference. So if i did get on the show and win i think i would maybe put myself through school to become a teacher. I think i would really enjoy being a gym teacher and teach the kids how important mental and physical ability is. I feel like Capture would really prepare me for that and be a great test for me mentally and physically. I have ran a triathlon before. I just stopped using tobacco a month ago. Many challenges in my life that people said I could not do i find a way to overcome. It would be a dream come true if I could add Capture to that list. I know the odds are slim of getting selected but in true hunger games style the one that people didnt expect to get selected or to win did. So I will hope to hear back from you. If not then may the best team win.

  46. My double cousin (dad’s are brothers, mom’s are sisters) turned me onto the show. Great concept! Caleb and i were born and raised in a town of 100 people in western Kansas called Long Island (google it). We are the sons of two farmers and two housewives. We like to think we are athletic but you never know. Being brought up together we always competed against each other, it’d be nice to work together. If you want an honorable, fair team please give us a chance. And I’d like to think we would be good television, were somewhat funny. At least Caleb is. Thanks for the time.

  47. hello i have been watching your show capture on the cw week after week with my friend and we have been thinking how good we think we would do on this show. so i am emailing you to find out more on how to enter to become a contestant on this amazing show on season two or three if it is already to late for season two, that me and my good friend feel we could not only compete well in, but also have a very high chance of winning the whole thing. thank you for your time hope to hear back from you soon and be able to have the opportunity to be apart of this epic journey and win.

  48. Hello! I am 12 years old, but I can already guarantee that someday I will take home the $250,000. I possess several skills that make me perfect for this game. The first reason being that I have parkour abilities, and a have a large background in gymnastics, I was a state/regional champion in many events. And can run through the woods as fast as a cheetah, and as quiet as a shadow. And believe me, i am a force to be reckoned with, and definately to be feared. Outside of competition i am bubbly, and giggly, and the quirkiest person you could meet :), but as soon as i enter a competition, my game face takes over. I can push myself past my limits, and manipulate people as easily as i can breathe. Growing up me and friends liked to go into the woods, and play a certain game with each other, we had to hunt each other, when we were tagged, that meant we were eliminated. Usually about 20 of us entered these competitions, and I won these competitions almost every time. I have the killer instinct, and natural competitive nature. Physically i am pretty well built, I am a knife thrower with approximately 80-85% accuracy, and like to shoot archery. Also i enjoy running ( I consider myself very fast) and high jumping, also I love hunting, and camping. Socially, i can make friends easily, but have no problem getting rid of them as easy as they came. I would for sure consider myself a big mouth, and often start drama, that would be my biggest downfall. Outside of my physical skills, i am very musical, singing, and playing the piano, my artistic side translates to my alternative, or goth/punk style. But trust me I am anything but depressed, which what all of people think goths are, i am outgoing, funny, and wild :P. I would be a lethal hunting team, and a wily prey team. Even though i am too young to have a bucket list, being on capture is already the number one thing on it, and i know that one way or another you can count on me being on the show someday :). But the number one reason i want to enter this intense competition is to prove that goths aren’t all freaky, and creepy people who just write depressing poetry all day, in fact we are happy-go-lucky individuals who like everybody else. So please!!! grant me this wish and make my dream come true, pick me for capture!!

    Thank you!,

  49. Are you kidding me… The people who made this show up had me in mind… Just put my name on the check right now !!!!! Can you bet on reality show winners in Vegas haha… if so gonna come out of there with more than 250k.

    Seriously, whoever is doing the casting you need to get in touch with me. My team would be a perfect addition to the show and would be the entire package perfect for TV.

    It would be myself and a fraternity brother of mine. Even from a young age we were already playing this ” game ” every chance we got with friends. Manhunt, paintball, stick fights ( yes stick fights ) acorn fights . What else do little boys do growing up ???

    Do a lot of hunting now and outdoor activities and would love to have an awesome experience like this on TV and make the most of it.

    Just a grown up version of all the games we played growing up with money at stake… email me and get in touch. Myself and my fraternity brother would be a blast on TV and perfect fit for this show

    Thanks for your time in advance and look forward to speaking in more detail

    Thank You

  50. Hello there!!

    My name is Jessica Griffiths. I am 21 year old lovely lady from Michigan. I would be perfect for your show because I am a very skilled hunter, fisherman, and am very well versed in flora and fauna and how to utilize nature in order to survive. I have spent my summers in alaska ( with my hippie-nature freak mother) and on month long cross-country road trips with her, sleeping in a back of a van. I do not look like your rough and tumble girl, which would bring an interesting dynamic to your show. I am young, cute, energetic, fun and funny.. So PICK ME! PICK ME!

    -Jessica Griffiths

    p.s- I am a five foot nuget of adventure and fun…attached is a few pictures to display that…and I can clean fish, and animals…so thats kinda cool..

  51. HELLO! I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games series, and i am extremely excited for this show! And i absolutley love the CW! I would very much like to audition for this show i would also like to find out more information regarding auditions times, dates and locations. I am andrea and i have wanted to be an actress ever since i can remember, i am 15. Someone please reply to this! Thank you for your time!

  52. Hello my name is Victoria, I am very interested in the CW show “The Hunt” I am 17 years old, I live in a small southern town of Gulf Breeze FL. I have a passion for acting and modeling and have been pursuing my dreams of becoming an actress/model since the age of 13 when I attended ProScouts in Orlando FL. Since then I have gotten a lot of expeirence in college films and extras in Tv shows like “Treme.” I have worked with models at various shoots and I enjoy being on camera very much. I am versatile, I work well with others. I am very competitive, I love to win. I know how to fish, hunt and I am very fast. The town I am from, there really isn’t a lot to do here so I know a lot about fishing and Out door adventures. I am a big fan of the movie the hunger games, I read all the books. I know I would do well on this show. Please consider me. This is my passion and I would love to audition for this show. I am a small town girl with big dreams. I will make them happen. Please consider me.

    Thank you.

  53. Hi cw directories for the hunt . This is Whitney I don’t think you got my last message so I’m going to write a new one!Hi I’m Whitney I’m only 11 years old but I have a passion for the outdoors, and I know I hAve what it takes to be on the hunt. And here’s why: I know I have what it takes to be on the hunt because I am as sly as a fox, I know how to find water, and I know how to find shelter! I also have a woods in my backyard that I explore all the time and I have amazing hearing so if someone comes around to try and catch my teamemate and I , I can warn both of us!I also love to act my friend has worked at halo so she gives me personal lessons! it will be an honor if you,the cw directors for the hunt will at least consider me and let me try out!

  54. I’m Whitney I’m only 12 but have a passion for the wilderness! Please don’t automatically shut me off cause I’m twelve I will be a big help and not only help someone but lead someone. So please I’m begging you just consider me. After watching the hunger games I know how to find water,food , shelter. I also have a passion for acting. I have a huge woods behind my house and love to explore it.I know you’re problem thinking well she won’t be able to corporate well trust me I can. So please let me try out then make up your mind. All I want to do is hunt or fish and trust me I love adventures! I have a teenage sister and lots of other experience with other teenagers (18 and older).Thank you and all I’m asking is to consider me .

    • Sorry my email address was messed up had to comment to fix it!so please use this email address this is Whitney Dixon again!

  55. Hello, my name is Dayton Culp, I am 17 years old, 18 on July 26th 2013! I’m from the Seattle Washington area, I’m a very social person, I’m a cheerleader at my high school and have been for 3 years. It’s my senior year and I am ready to start my life on the screen! I’m an actor, and I know how to handle myself in the wilderness! I am very interested in auditioning for The Hunt! I know I have what it takes to win a competition like this. Im a huge fan of the hunger games and being part of The Hunt would be a wish come true! If you could email me with any information it would be much appreciated! Thank you very much!


  56. Hi i’m Destini i’m 16 and I would like to be in this show it sounds like it would be a hit i would love to audition for the director.

  57. HELLO,
    My name is Camryn Capizzi, form San Diego CA (but I would be willing and able to travel if needed),
    I am very recently 19 years old (as of February 16th, 2013), I am fair/light skinned caucasian female, with very curly fair blonde hair (I would be willing to temporarily straighten or dye my hair, even permanently dye it depending on the color), I have medium-big sized blue eyes (medium hue), I am 5’6″, 160 lbs, and have an apple-type body shape.

    I have always love to perform and have an extensive performance resume, but most of all I perform musically. I have a youtube channel with only one song as of now. I have worked and performed with The (Paul Green) School of Rock in Chatham NJ and Vista CA for 5 years as of graduation last year, and work and perform with the Chops Woodshed Academy in Solana Beach CA for 1 year, and play many-multiple instruments proficiently, including vocals.
    — – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Although I am very much into music, I have always loved to act and would consider it a major part of my career and life plan, and I am very good at it too, but unfortunately do not have as much experience performing as I would like to in that department. In a way, I think that makes my performances more raw, and in certain roles that can be a very good thing. I can bring an animal real-ness and emotional honesty that must be shown through someone who desperately wants something they know they have to work extremely hard to even get close to, and I desperately want this. I also have been told that I have great comedic timing. I am very serious about this and I would put my whole heart and soul into making people love my character, and if you choose me, I promise I will come at it with everything I have got.
    -Camryn Capizzi.

  58. I’m very excited about this new competition reality show, i enjoy wilderness and I am a great competitor I competed on wipeout and have had audition to survival.

    • Hi my name is Mario I’m 12 going into the seventh grade I really would love to be in the hunt as the little kid like rue in the hunger

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